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Идем гулять в Prospect Park

Prospect park was designed by the same two urban visionaries who also designed Central Park. The place was made kid-friendly due to the help of Robert Moses.
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New York has many beautiful parks that have the role of green lungs of the city. These parks have an important role in a city that has overpopulated areas and lots of traffic. If you feel like getting away from the city's hustle you can come to one of the parks and enjoy some peace and relaxation. For instance you can visit Prospect Park one of the parks designed by urban visionaries Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.

These two urbanists also designed Central Park and they left their mark on the bucolic prospect Park. Check out the Amenities and Long Meadow perfect spots to do some people watching while sitting on the grass. Or you can go to the Ravine and see the towering forest that overlooks Brooklyn. Robert Moses, the controversial city planner made the place kid-friendly by adding a zoo and the Wollman Rink which is currently under renovation.


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